Flat Knot Bones

Retriever Rolls

Sizes ranging from 4” to 18"
flat knot

Retriever Rolls

Sizes ranging from 4” to 11”



rolled bones
Super-Thick Retriever Rolls
One of our best sellers-
its almost as big as a
rolled up newspaper!
Super retriever rolls

Bacon in a Blanket
Sizes 4” to 5” and 9” to 10”

pork retriever

Inside/Out Products
Pork Retriever Rolls

All fresh USA rawhide has a thin layer of collagen on one side.
This provides the intense flavor that Wholesome Hide is famous for. For the inside-out product, we choose hide that has a particularly thick layer of collagen and roll and dry the product with the collage layer facing out. This gives dogs who are “passive chewers” the instant gratification they need to get the teeth cleaning and soothing properties rawhide that makes rawhide so good for dogs.

Inside/Out bones, Sizes ranging from 4” to 11”io bones
Inside/Out Retriever Rolls
Sizes ranging from 1” to 8”
insideout retriever
Porkhide Only made of sturdy
food grade pork skin 9” to 10”
insideout retriever
Chips or Flips
Basted Products
Bones with Bacon

Our large chips are great
for tricks and treats.
They come in bags ranging
from 6 oz. to 2 lbs.

chip group


chips lrg bag

~Our basted products are available in cheese, bacon, beef flavorings. Other flavors are available by special order. All basting materials are food grade.
• Flat Knot Bones • Retriever Rolls • Chips • Donuts • Twists

We take a strip of smoked
food grade pork skin and tie it
into the bone.
Dogs love ‘em!

Sizes range from 1” to 9”

bone bacon
bf chips
p knot
bf knot
bf retriever
Novelty Products
Novelty products
4” Donut
4-5” Pretzel
10” Braided stick
(limited availability)
5” Twists (10 Pack)
5”Double Twists
(5 pack--Twice as thick as
regular twists)
twist bag 2


beef ribs

This crunchy product is made from ground rawhide and a small amount of caramel coloring held together with natural collagen.
It’s a good low-calorie substitute for baked dog biscuits.
They have a particular aroma
that dogs simply cannot resist.
Bag sizes ranging from
8 oz. to 1 lbs.

Healthy Hip Chunkees
(contain glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health)
Bag sizes ranging from 8 oz. to 1 lbs.
happy dog

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