USA Certified

It's one thing to say your products are "Made in America." Some rawhide producers say that all the time, even when the product is actually made in Mexico or Brazil. It's another thing to actually have your "Made in America" claims certified by an organization that audits your supply chain.
That's what Made in USA-Certified did with Wholesome Hide. They examined our raw material invoices, confirmed that we were manufacturing in the USA, and even interviewed our suppliers! Then we were awarded USA-Certified Seal ILOAA.059 that you see on our product labels and in our advertising.

Wholesome Hide feels strongly that all companies should label their product content fairly. It's not just the right way to do business, it's also the right way to treat dog owners who may be paying a little more for USA-made and USA-sourced dog treats and expect to get more as a result.

That's the way Wholesome Hide does business.
And that's why we are proud to carry the "Made in USA-Certified" seal on our products

  • Naturally Processed
  • Healthier for Your Dog
  • More Flavorful
  • Longer Lasting


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